Pictures of dragons (34 photos)

Here is a selection of the coolest dragons. A selection of photos of dragons. Learning  fiction pictures featuring various dragons.

Pictures about the sea (41 photos)

You’re sitting here, you see, you are posting pictures about the sea. Oh! How you want to go on vacation! Swim, sunbathe, bury the legs in hot sand. Relax and not think about any collections, plans and more. A snow-white beach beckons, the sun caresses with warm rays ... So, dream and stop! About the sea:)

Pictures of butterflies (36 photos)

Everyone knows that a butterfly of fabulous beauty can appear from an inconspicuous caterpillar. And also everyone knows the fact that butterflies live only 1 season. So let's enjoy the pictures with these beautiful creations. Enjoy watching.

Pictures with hearts (33 photos)

The heart is a symbol of love. With the use of the heart, you can talk about your feelings. A selection of pictures with hearts and hearts on the theme of romance and love. Send a picture of your heart to your soulmate, tell us about your feelings.

Pictures about flowers (36 photos)

Peonies, carnations, beloved roses, magnificent orchids and modest cornflowers - they do not grumble against nature. They grow and delight our hearts with their bright color and fragrance.

Pictures for screensaver autumn (36 photos)

Autumn brings to our lives special feelings and sensations, thanks to the soft autumn light enveloping the silence of the fogs, the freshness of the rains and the special smell of the earth, resting from the stormy summer months and preparing for a good night's sleep. Pictures will decorate your workplace and are guaranteed to cheer you up!

Pictures with roses (32 PHOTOS)

These are one of the most attractive and beautiful colors, therefore, images are often requested from them on the network. We picked up various images with this flower. Enjoy watching!

Pictures with a pony (35 photos)

Do you like ponies? Today, the cartoon My Little Pony is popular among children. This is a good and funny cartoon about friendship and love. I offer you a selection of pictures about fairy ponies and ponies from our life.

Sad pictures (22 photos)

In life, there are times when you want to sit and be sad. If you have just such a condition, you can watch a melodramatic film or pictures. Release this emotion, and then be sure to smile.

Pictures of the evening (24 photos)

Good evening! The day is coming to an end, the sun is wearily rolling over the horizon, the night is gradually taking over. So let the  evening  be kind and warm, warmed up with spiritual participation and soothing love, which fill the soul with peace and happiness!

Pictures of animals (29 photos)

The art of selfie has officially reached the animal world, and this is a new trend now. From zoo residents to pets - these animals pose, smile and even group for a camera. The result is such cute and charming photos.

Pictures about autumn (41 photos)

Fall. A wonderful time. Nature is revealed in all its glory of crimson and gold colors. Autumn is the time of rains and quiet thoughts. The autumn forest is amazing, wrapped in strolling golden silence. Autumn makes us stop breathing in the beauty of changing nature. It's fine! The Internet is full of wonderful photos of the autumn forest, park, city. We have compiled for you a truly delightful collection of autumn colors. We look at the pictures and enjoy life :)

Pictures of the sketch (36 photos)

Everyone can learn to draw with pencils. The Internet allows you to get acquainted with various video tutorials on this topic. You can also select a picture-sketch, and learns to draw on it.

Sandal-proof pedicure, homemade, perfect as in the salon!

The time for sandals arrives and a perfect summer-proof pedicure, homemade as in the salon, is urgently needed! Between the sea, the beach and open shoes, there are many situations in which to show off your feet. With this small and simple foolproof guide , they will be soft, cared for and lacquered! Curious? Let's begin!

Smelly shoes? 5 effective tricks to eliminate the problem!

If you happen to have one or more pairs of smelly shoes, with these simple tricks you can solve the problem permanently. Often these smells come from the internal skin: some footwear retains sweat with greater intensity and, for this reason, it is difficult to eliminate it.

Peppers stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms and scamorza: a unique and tasty dish!

Peppers stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms and scamorza: a tasty dish that everyone will like, to be proposed also with guests for lunch or dinner. A delicate and light taste, they are delicious even cold!

Low blood pressure: what can cause it and natural remedies to raise it

Low blood pressure: what can cause it and natural remedies to raise it.

Hypotension is an abnormally low blood pressure. Having low blood pressure in most cases is a good thing, but there are situations in which this condition can give quite unpleasant symptoms: for example a feeling of "light head", nausea, blurred vision, cold sweats.

Apple cider vinegar: that's why you should put it on your face

Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient of very ancient origin that is used in the kitchen during the preparation of some dishes, but which can also be of help in the field of beauty.

How to use borax to remove mold from the walls

How to use borax to remove mold from the walls.

The borax (sodium borate) is an important boron compound. In Europe Marco Polo made him known for the first time and this resulted in the development of a refining industry in the Venice area, where the so-called Venetian borax was produced .

DIY refreshing gel for heavy legs: 3 really effective recipes!

Not one, but 3 recipes to make a refreshing gel with DIY and relieve heavy leg syndrome !!! Few ingredients , all of natural origin, which will help you feel lighter. Here's how to make the preparations !

100% diet cake, orange-scented: 60 kcal, 0% fat and sugar!

Here's the perfect cake: fragrant orange, but diet to 100%. A concentrate of goodness in only 60 calories per slice, without sugar or fat.

Mermaid spaghetti: a priceless flavor at ridiculously low costs!

quick and easy recipe that reserves all the taste of the sea: the mermaid spaghetti! first course to be enjoyed at dinner on a summer evening in the company of friends, sipping a glass of chilled white wine ...

Recipes with activated carbon: from bread to ice cream to health!

Recipes with activated carbon: from bread to ice cream to health!

Activated carbon is an excellent natural remedy for many pathologies, used for thousands of years and for many purposes; today we want to show you two simple recipes that, in addition to being good, are also very healthy.

Orange sponge cake: it cooks in just 8 minutes. 140 calories of softness!

Do you suddenly have guests and don't know which dessert to bring to the table? Here is the recipe to prepare an excellent orange sponge cake to be cooked directly in the microwave. This dessert is perfect if you are on a diet because it only contains 140 calories.

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