DIY refreshing gel for heavy legs: 3 really effective recipes!

Not one, but 3 recipes to make a refreshing gel with DIY and relieve heavy leg syndrome !!! Few ingredients , all of natural origin, which will help you feel lighter. Here's how to make the preparations !

Refreshing leg gel: the recipe with aloe vera

For this recipe you will need :

  • aloe gel, 50 ml
  • essential oil of:
    • cypress , 7 drops
    • lemon , 5 drops
    • geranium, 5 drops
    • peppermint , 3 drops

Take a container and transfer the aloe gel and all the essential oils indicated, then mix with a spoon until the mixture is mixed. Apply the refreshing gel on the legs , and massage until completely absorbed.

You can also use it every day: you will immediately feel relief and immediate lightness on all legs.

Soothing and anti-inflammatory gel against swelling!

A variant, useful for inflamed and swollen legs is the soothing gel . Here's how to make it happen :

  • aloe gel , 100 g
  • essential oil of:
    • mint, 3 drops
    • rosemary , 2 drops
    • cypress, 2 drops

The procedure is the same as that for the above mentioned preparation. Mix the aloe vera gel with the essential oils in a bowl When the mixture is ready, use it on the legs, massaging until completely absorbed.

This soothing gel is really useful for soothing redness and swelling. The essential oils activate blood circulation restoring immediate relief.

Anti-fatigue gel against tiredness of the lower limbs.

A fatigue-free preparation is what it takes to comfort you after hours and hours spent on high heels! You will need:

  • rice starch, 3 g
  • cellulose , 2 g
  • water , 40 ml
  • mother tincture of:
    • Centella Asiatica, 1.5 ml
    • Ruscus Aculeatus , 1.5 ml
  • vegetable glycerin , 2 g
  • peppermint essential oil , 2 drops

In a saucepan, heat the water and add the rice starch and cellulose,  mix until a homogeneous gel is obtained Add the 2 mother tinctures . Finally, add also the vegetable glycerin and the peppermint essential oil.

The gel that is obtained is fresh and must be massaged on the legs with movements that start from the ankle to reach the calves.

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