HAZARDOUS shampoos: this is what you absolutely must avoid!

Dangerous and absolutely to avoid shampoos? Let's see what are the characteristics that can damage our hair!

Taking care of your hair is very important, both for an aesthetic fact and, and above all, for well-being ! However, it is necessary to know carefully the characteristics of the cosmetics we use. On the market there are many variations and many brands of hair care products, they vary by price, by ingredients and by type! However, it is not always a good deal to opt for cheap ones.

Many indeed contain a high percentage of very dangerous chemical elements .

Dangerous and avoidable shampoos: all harmful characteristics.

One of the most harmful and dangerous properties is Quaternium, a preservative substance that makes our hair antistatic and soft to the touch, but it is a plastic material (!!!) , and in massive doses it can damage the skin. So avoid buying a shampoo that contains this substance.

Each feature is shown on the label, takes the name of INCI: "International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients" and is used to indicate the different elements contained in a cosmetic.

Also keep an eye on the presence of silicones.
The latter give the stem that "fake" and cured effect. For example, if your hair appears damaged by discoloration, frequent washing or other chemical treatments, the silicone will make it appear soft, bright and healthy, but it is only a facade. In reality, however, it will remain ruined and its health will be compromised, even if it seems to improve.
Before buying a new shampoo, check carefully : if the INCI has this wording H361 , it means that it is rich in D4 and D5 silicones , two toxic and highly bio-accumulable chemicals.

Before buying a new shampoo or conditioner, always check what properties they contain and, if possible, prefer products with natural and organic ingredients !
Once purchased, also pay attention to the perfume since if too strong, it indicates the presence of altering chemicals.

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