How to use borax to remove mold from the walls

How to use borax to remove mold from the walls.

The borax (sodium borate) is an important boron compound. In Europe Marco Polo made him known for the first time and this resulted in the development of a refining industry in the Venice area, where the so-called Venetian borax was produced .

Borax occurs naturally in deposits that remain after the seasonal evaporation of some lakes. The most commercially important deposits are located in California and other areas of the southwestern United States, as well as in Chile , Tibet and Turkey .

Borax is used to make detergents , water softeners, soaps , disinfectants and insecticides. It can easily be converted into boric acid, which in turn has many applications, for example as a light disinfectant for eye cleaning.

How to use borax to remove mold from the walls

Among the many uses of borax there is also the cleaning of the walls. In fact, it can be very effective when it comes to getting rid of mold, which sometimes attacks the most humid areas of our house (garages and cellars above all).

The advantages of borax against mold are manifold. It is a natural cleaning product and does not leave residues or dangerous gases, as it happens with almost all commercial products (but it must not be ingested at all, so keep it away from children). It can also be used for cleaning bathrooms and pipes.

It has a strong insecticide, herbicide and fungicide action. If mixed with water it is excellent against mold. Among other things, you can buy it in the supermarket, and it is very cheap.

How to use borax to fight mold

Prepare a solution with a cup of borax for each liter of water; before passing the borax, vacuum the surface mold with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a filter. This decreases the spores suspended in the air during cleaning;

wearing a pair of rubber gloves, pass the wall using a brush and the borax and water solution to wash the mold on the surface; you can also spray the solution with a nebulizer ; no need to rinse.

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