Pictures of animals (29 photos)

The art of selfie has officially reached the animal world, and this is a new trend now. From zoo residents to pets - these animals pose, smile and even group for a camera. The result is such cute and charming photos.
Curvy Orange Squirrel
Cute animal friendly
Little tiger cub with gray eyes
Raccoon with legs up
Mix of cat and dog
Confident Lynx in Nature
Red cat with long mustache
Kiss of hares
Brown horse with a long mane
Bear is walking in the snow
Bear greets
Red squirrel on a stone
Giraffe in nature
Hare tenderness
Running horses in the steppe
Wolves in the nature in winter
Kangaroo in a bag carries a hippopotamus
Types of animals
Pandas bask
Hedgehog and squirrel in the autumn forest
Goat pushing piglets
Gray cat with curious eyes
Monkey in hands
Piglet in the swamp
Tiger jump in the snow
Dog with a wary look
Surprised owl
The cat lay down on the bed

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