Sad pictures (22 photos)

In life, there are times when you want to sit and be sad. If you have just such a condition, you can watch a melodramatic film or pictures. Release this emotion, and then be sure to smile.
Bear on the road
Owl in a plaid on the windowsill
Guy with a cigarette
Child at sunset with a kite
Gray evening in the park
Girl sitting on the road
The girl is sad on the windowsill
  Guy on the balcony
Butterfly on a dried flower
A wolf howls in a blue forest
Ruined deserted city
Nothing can be returned
Girl on the rock
Good angel with white wings in a dark forest
Trees also have souls
Girl sitting on the beach
Tired guy watching tv
Girl in a pale white dress on a background of dark sky
Woe from the loss of a loved one
The separation of a guy and a girl
Cat waiting for the owner
Pensive cat

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